Monday, August 24, 2009

Wells Family reunion in Wyoming in July

This year was the Wells family reunion. We had a great time as usual. This is just the iceberg of pictures we have of the trip.

We played lots of games, the kids liked nertz, Adults liked ripple, and everyone liked apples to apples.
The babies all loved Green Canyon Hot Springs, Wyatt with Mommy Autumn. Nice dive for Cassandra, except the fact that she was plugging her nose. Autumn with Hunter, Amber (Nathan's wife )with Zoe, and me taking our turn on the horses. Ken and Mckenzie enjoying the scenery. Wyatt did not want to get off the horse. I think he is going to love the horses as much as Hunter.Mom and Dad and 5 of their children, the cowboy belongs to me. We had a pretty big group for the show at Bar J Ranch.
Our family at Bar J ranch. The grounds there are beautiful. Tyson and family probably caught the most fish of any of the families. And cooked the most. We rented 10 canoes and had a great day on the teton river.This was one of my favorite things we did, I loved kayaking . Playing guessing game for the birthday party. Who knows mom & dad the best. Kids were all playing games and took a moment to pose for me.

Hunter with cousin Parker shopping, check out the cool moose sling shot he found. A moose have.We celebrated Mom and Dad Wells 80th birthdays while we were up there.
Hike to Darby Ice Caves. Ken and Kenzie represented our family.This is Ken, with his 3 brothers, scoutingthe hills for their hunt later this fall.
On the last day I had not caught a fish, so Tyson took me to a place he was sure I would catch one and sure enough, got a fairly nice size one.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Tree People

Above the whole Family and below Ken and Sandi with the kids. Every Year we go camping at Leo Carrillo over the kids Easter Vacation. Besides the beach, Leo has such a beautiful campground. At the end of the week we take pictures in the camp ground at this same tree. It a fun tradition.....who didn't charge their battery for their camera, who is sulking, who doesn't like how they look. It's pretty funny. I print one of these in an 8 X 10 and hang at work till the next year. This one and the family at the beach. I love pictures....
The Brothers and the Sister, Aren't they cute?

Holli and Tyler Kim Family.

Morgan, Dani, and Molly Wells Family.

Tyson, Autumn, Hunter and Wyatt Wells Family.

The three sisters. They love posing together.

Hunter and Wyatt, hang on Hunter!!!

This is Hunter lookin' all cute.