Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New quilt for Wyatt

Well, Wyatt is six months old and I finally got his quilt made. It is so much easier to get stuff done since I am home on medical leave right now for my new hip. I made this same quilt for Molly in Pinks and greens. Wyatts is blues and greens with little frogs on it.

Wieny roast at the Wells

Tyson invited a bunch of friends out Saturday to the house and what a fun day that was. Here are each of the mom's holding their youngest babies.
Of course there was a rope swing involved, below is Natalia and Hunter.

So many babies and so little time. Morgan with Wyatt and Molly.

Morgan , Dani, and Molly.

These were the two newest babies. Molly is six weeks and Christopher is 9 weeks.

Oops! The pics are so little on the thumbnails I already posted this picture as you'll see.

Great Gma and Gpa came out to see everyone.

Alex and his daughter Kelly, and Ken with Wyatt and Kenzie.

Tyson planned a get together with some friends from high school, Jake and Amber and kids, Leah and Jayah, and friends from church, Robby and Bethany Pinton and their kids RJ and Christopher, friends Brian and Amy and their kids Mckenzie and Mason, and Alex and Kaylie Abreu from church with their four kids Natalia, Eli, Kelly, and Brent. Morgan and Dani also came with Molly.

Three babies down at the same time.

Cassandra and I holding babies