Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family pics at the beach.

The whole family, can you tell what the color was this year?HOLLI, TYSON, KENZIE,MORGAN, AND CASSANDRA.Joan and Gary Peterson (my mom & dad). Hunter, Autumn, TYSON, and Wyatt Wells. Dani, MORGAN, and sweet baby, Molly Taylor Wells. Tyler and HOLLI Kim.Thomas and CASSANDRA King and ?Ken, KENZIE and I

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boogie Boarding

Kenzie and her Uncle John.

My brother John and wife Wendy checking him out in his wetsuit. You can't see that cuz she has her sunglasses on.Sierra Phillips and Kenzie after their ride.Thomas, Cassandra, and Denise after a good ride on the waves.
Cassandra, Denise, and look real close, Thomas.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beach, babies, backgammon

Tyler, Holli, and Morgan, the paddleboard experts. of life's great joys. My own two little beach babies.Check out all the babies, it was totally a baby year. There were even more than this.
Here's a cute picture of my guys!!!Morgan with Molly and Wyatt.

Who came camping? We had a great group.

Ken and I with My brother John and wife Wendy. Our weeks overlapped and we got to spend a few days together and played some games around the campfire. It was fun to finally be there at the same time.The Shaws, Dave & Deana and three of their kids, and some grandkids came, Deana had to leave and go back to work way to soon, she needs to dump that tax job, it coincides with LEO. The Wyands, Alan & JenJen, and Casey & Justin Golledge shared a camping spot with Tyson and Autumn. We usually let Mckenzie bring a friend because noone in the family or friends has a 13 y.o. girl.Kathy, my sister & Bruce and their Youngest Brian. They brought Caroline their granddaughter who is same age as Hunter, my grandson.Tami, my niece and her husband Micah and three kids popped in for a few days. My Mom & Dad came for two weeks. They spent the first week with us. Then the second week with my brother's group. It was great to have them there.

Visitors to Leo Carrillo

My cousin Eric and wife Gladys and two sweet daughters are so faithful at coming to visit us each year when we are down at Leo. Darcy and children came out for a wedding and stayed for another week till it was time to go to Leo. I was so proud of her. She did her Mormon Mom proud.
My buddy Kimberly Spaulding and her daughter Denise, and Denise's son Ben shared a spot with me.

Kenzie (l) brought her friend from the ward, Sierra Phillips (r) who loves the beach as much as Kenz.

Sean, left and Dominque his sister in red came to visit my nephew Brian in red, and Cassandra. Dominique and Cassandra used to have tent sleep overs for years at Leo . My Aunt Henri, Uncle John, Uncle Pete, came to visit my Mom (far right). It is fun to see them all together.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Leo Carrillo 2010

I don't know how everyone is so good at blogging. I guess because I work on a computer all day, when I get home I don't really want to go on the laptop, even though I bought a nice one from work. Well, Like Holli, I thought I would blog a little while at work and maybe when I get home tonight I will add some picture. I really had a great time a Leo this year as always. Our family loves the beach, and if we were rich, we would definately have a beach house. But until then, we will keep going to Leo Carrillo every spring. The weather was great, we had tons of people there and of course, we took tons of pictures. I loved looking a Holli's blog and her pictures, some of which I don't have. I enjoyed swimming out to the bouy with "the kids", I am a swimmer, but a little out of shape. The water was freezing. I like to swim the backstroke, but my brain would start freezing so I had to do breaststroke. I did not have a wetsuit also. It was fun to have my grandbabies there, and now I miss not having as much time with them. My mom and dad came down and we had fun with them. So I will post some pictures when I come home.